Combat Marksmanship Programs

Texas Adjutant General’s Combat Matches

The purpose of the The Adjutant Generals Combat State Championships is to promote battle focused marksmanship training. It provides an opportunity for individuals to participate in high intensity training to improve readiness. Soldiers will experience the high morale and espirit de corps of competing in this event . The events fired are Light Machine Gun, Rifle, Pistol and Sniper. The standard Army qualification will also be shot in this competition. The winners of this years competition will also represent Texas in the Winston P. Wilson National Match in Camp Robinson, AR in October 1999 and the second and third place teams have the opportunity to attend the MAC V matches held in August.

MAC V Regional Championships

The purpose of competition is to broaden the base of battle focused training. This training is intended to provide an opportunity for the second and third place teams at the state championship level to enhance their battle focused training skills. The United States is divided up into 7 Marksmanship Advisory Council regions. Texas is included in the MAC V region. Each region is capable of having a MAC region championship to include a 10 point “leg” match. This year the MAC V match will be held at Hastings Training Site, NE from 12-15 Aug 99.

Winston P. Wilson (WPW) Combat Championships

The Winston P. Wilson Championship Matches were named in honor of Major General Winston P. Wilson, former Chief, National Guard Bureau, as a tribute to his support and leadership in the National Guard Marksmanship Program. The matches are part of the competitive marksmanship program implemented by the National Guard Marksmanship Training Unit (NGMTU). The WPW matches are conducted annually in October at Camp Robinson, North Little Rock, AR by the NGMTU. This year they will be conducted 9-16 Oct 99. The matches are designed to promote marksmanship by providing high level training and competition among states. Particular emphasis is devoted to improving individual battle-focused shooting skills, team spirit, physical fitness and leadership qualities of the Army and Air National Guard participates. Current competitions are held in light machine gun, combat pistol, combat rifle and sniper. Each of the fifty states and four territories is authorized to enter a team (typically the winning teams from the Adjutant General’s Matches) in each of the competition.