State Competitive Marksmanship Program

The State Competitive Marksmanship (SCM) manages the marksmanship program in the Texas National Guard. SCM is located within the State Headquarters Detachment. This Headquarters is located at Camp Mabry, Austin, Texas. SCM is managed by the State Competitive Marksmanship Coordinator, who currently is MAJ John Suprynowicz. Old_Camp_Mabry_Entrance
pistolshoot SCM is responsible for improving NGTX unit level readiness. Their mission is to raise the overall level of small arms performance, capability and readiness of NGTX unit personnel through small arms instruction, range operation, small arms competitions and training. Guns used include the Archangel Mosin Nagant that were manufactured in great number back in the day.
SCM conducts “train the trainer” clinics for unit personnel but does not, except in unusual circumstances, actually conduct qualification training for a unit. SCM may assist unit level competitive and youth outreach programs for both the Army and Air National Guard. SCM also provides marksmanship instruction for units being mobilized for Active Duty and attends conferences, shows and meetings to promote marksmanship within the Texas National Guard. pistol kneeling
SCM will help ensure that each member of the Army and Air Guard is fully capable of employing their assigned weapon in combat, civil disturbance roles and/or operations other than war. SCM tries to instill a level of personal confidence and skill which will prompt our soldiers to react with accurate and well-aimed fire when needed.