National Match

We are authorized to support a State Composite Rifle Squad and a State Composite Pistol Squad. The total squad is usually limited to about 20 to 22 members based on equipment limitations. Squad selection is made from the best available Army and Air Guard shooters without regard to unit of assignment. That is where the term “composite” comes from; the teams or squads don’t represent any one unit but are composed of shooters from many different units. If selected for these teams, we will issue you the required equipment to compete in these civilian matches. This includes weapons and ammo (when available).
Matches are conducted thoughout Texas. The Shooting Sports publication, published by the National Rifle Association (NRA), addresses the dates and location of these matches. If you are interested in one of these squads, contact the appropriate POC. If selected by the OIC, they will send you a new membership packet to fill out. You may also review the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for additional information. The following is a description of the rifle and the pistol match:
NATIONAL MATCH – RIFLECompetition is shot with a service rifle. The NRA addresses what is considered a service rifle. We currently issue the M14NM, although most members use their personal AR15NM. A typical national match course (NMC) would be 10 shots standing slow fire at 200 yards, 10 shots sitting rapid fire at 200 yards, 10 shots prone rapid fire at 300 yards, and 20 shots prone slow fire at 600 yards.
NATIONAL MATCH – PISTOLCompetition is shot with a service pistol, currently the M1911A1NM and S&W model 46. Most of the matches in which the state squad competes are called three gun matches (90 rounds with a .22 caliber pistol; 90 rounds with a center fire pistol, caliber optional; and 90 rounds with a .45 caliber pistol) for a possible 2700 points. This competition is shot with one hand from ranges 25-50 yards.
CreditsThanks to for providing us with the details on the Mosin Nagant and other rifles.