Combat Program

The purpose of the state combat matches is to promote battle focused marksmanship training and provide an opportunity for individuals to participate in high intensity training to improve readiness. Soldiers experience the high morale and espirit de corps of competing in this event. These matches help ensure that each member of the Army and Air National Guard is fully capable of employing their assigned weapon in combat, civil disturbance roles and/or operations other than war. They help instill a level of personal confidence and skill which prompts the individual to react with accurate and well-aimed fire when needed.

Individuals who with top scores become members of the elite Governor’s Twenty. The Governor’s Twenty consists of the top two from each of the Light Machine Gun and Sniper matches. The top eight in each of the Pistol and Rifle matches. Only the very few make the Governor’s Twenty Honors Page.

Click here to view the policy for the Texas Composite Shooting Teams. The Texas National Guard had one of its best marksmanship performaces at several championships. Click here to view the results of the several competitions where Texas recieved Top Gun.